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Law Firm InRight

The Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers their clients a wide spectrum of legal services ranging from representation in courts, State and municipal authorities to bankruptcy administration (for legal and natural persons) and legal help in different fields of law application.


The Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners has its offices in capital city Vilnius and the main sea port Klaipeda.

The list of legal services offered by the Law Firm InRight to their clients can be found in the section: Services.

The Law Firm has been assembled by the Founder and the Managing attorney of the Law firm, attorney at law (advocate) dr. Oleg Drobitko who has been practicing law for more than 15 years. See the list of publications of dr. Oleg Drobitko at the section: Scientific publications.

Teamwork principles apply within the Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners, i.e., a team of competent attorneys are working on every single case ensuring provision of high quality legal services. By not limiting ourselves within the boundaries of the Republic of Lithuania and cooperating with partners on an international scale, we are able to help our clients solve their legal issues both within the boundaries of Lithuania and beyond.

Our daily activities comply with the principles set forth within the Code of Professional Ethics for Lawyers of the Republic of Lithuania that the attorneys at the Law Firm have sworn to oblige to:

• Operational freedom and independence;
• Fairness and impeccable behaviour;
• Legitimacy;
• Complete client discretion;
• Competency and dutifulness;
• Loyalty towards the client;
• Avoiding of conflicts of interests;
• Relations democracy, collegiality and fair competition with other attorneys;
• Relations kindness between the attorneys and Agencies of Advocacy of Lithuania;
• Respect towards the State and society.

Law firm InRight Vilnius office.

Law firm InRight Klaipeda office.