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Bankruptcy administration

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers bankruptcy administration services. The Law Firm offers administration services for bankruptcy procedures both for legal and natural persons, as well as representation services for creditors and debtors on the issues of insolvency in bankruptcy procedures in order to reach the best possible outcome at each stage of the process. We offer our clients a high degree of experience that we have accumulated by representing various interest groups in insolvency situations and bankruptcy procedures: from creditors and debtors to directors, shareholders and other interested parties.

InRight offers their clients the following legal services:

• Legal consultations on the course of action prior to bringing the bankruptcy case to court and course of actions in cases where the bankruptcy case has been already brought to court;
• Representation in bankruptcy procedures;
• Drafting and preparation of all of the necessary documents in order to bring the bankruptcy case to court and submission of said documents to court;
• Administration of your company or your own bankruptcy procedures with the least possible expenses, in turn freeing you from all of the worries related to the said procedures.

For more information see: Bankruptcy Law.

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