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Administrative Law

Administrative law

Administrative law is a peculiar field of law application that is large in scope, however both natural and legal persons are in need of legal help from attorneys at law when dealing with the applications of individual administrative legislations or rulings adopted against them, as well as the refusal of State authorities to perform their actions or their inaction. Therefore, when speaking about the legal services offered by the Law Firm InRight within the field of administrative law, the Law Firm is not limiting themselves to administrative offenses and instead is offering a significantly larger range of legal services, including representation in Regional Administrative Courts and Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania.

If you or your company have become a victim of an unjust State / municipal institution decision or if you have been charged with an administrative offence that you are opposed to, we would advise you to seek for legal help immediately because the established appeal terms within the field of administrative law are very rigid.

The Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers their clients the following legal services within the field of administrative law:

• Legal consultations;
• Drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
• Representation of persons in court on administrative offences;
• Representation of persons in State and municipal authorities, bodies, establishments and organisations;
• Representation of legal and natural persons in court proceedings on rulings to use an individual legislation of State or municipal authorities or their refusal to perform their actions or their inaction.

The above list of provided services is not final.


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