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Business Law

Business Law

Have you been faced with legal situations/disputes during the operation of your business? We can help you.

The main clients of the Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners are representatives of various commercial branches: freighters, insurers, construction firms, manufacturers, etc. We pay the utmost respect to our business clients because you are the ones creating the added value that pushes both the economy of our State and the whole world forward. We put all of our efforts in order to let our business clients dedicate as much time as possible towards their operations and business development, while we handle the legal worries and disputes with third parties ourselves.

Legal services offered by the Law Firm InRight range from: establishment of our future business clients to legal help during their management and representation in various court proceedings. Our Law Firm offers all of the legal services in the field of Corporate Law. For more information see section: Corporate Law.

Business clients are in need of legal help of an attorney during the drafting of contracts, ranging from simple contracts to more complicated ones that are comprised of several contracts of different elements. Legal disputes can arise even from professionally drafted contracts, if the parties are unable to settle the disputes on a mutual agreement, the disputes are brought to court and we do not even need to mention disputes arising from various ambiguous or contradictory wording/provisions within contracts. We believe that it is far better for an attorney to work on drafting a high quality contract text than on a court case. For more information see section: Contract law.

Please take a look at the scientific article of the Advocate dr. Oleg Drobitko: Legal nature of freight contracts.

During the operations of their business, the clients of the Law Firm InRight have to face State and municipal institutions: obtain various accreditations/licences ranging from trade of excise goods to import and export of double/military purpose goods, harmonize construction permits and various other issues. Attorneys at the Law Firm InRight will take care of the proper representation of your company at State/municipal bodies and establishments, as well as during disputes at the pre-trial administrative dispute authority and administrative court with the appropriate authority issuing an individual administrative legislation. For more information see section: Administrative Law.

Attorneys are also subject to pay taxes, however the said taxes must be administered and calculated correctly, as well as compliant with the set amounts and no larger. We offer legal help to our business clients on all of the issues/situation related to taxes. For more information see section: Tax Law.

We wish that neither of our clients would have to be confronted with the issues related to bankruptcy law, however if you have already had, that probably means a difficult/irrecoverable debt/part of debt or even an end to your business operations. Each and every one of us understands that this is the part of the business game. The game of Monopoly is won after all of your opponents have declared bankruptcy. In these cases you have to continue to work because there is always the best possible solution in every situation, even if it is the best possible solution in the possible worst situation. For more information see the following sections: Bankruptcy Law and Bankruptcy administration.

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers their clients the following legal services within the field of commercial law:

• Legal consultations;
• Drafting and preparation of various legal documents;
• Drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
• Representation of our clients in relations with State/municipal authorities, establishments, institutions and organisations;
• Representation of parties (claimants/defendants/third parties) in courts of all instances of the Republic of Lithuania.

The above list of services is not final and subject to change. During your business operations you are confronted with many issues related to various different legal fields, for more information see section: Services.


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