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Contract Law

Contract law

None of the operations conducted by legal entities can be managed without signing of various contracts, in turn every natural person has signed at least several contracts of different types, therefore talking about the importance of contracts in our lives is pointless because – it is simply evident. Common case, a company has to sign a contract comprised from contracts of several elements during their operation, therefore a need for drafting of individual contracts arises. Our Law Firm will help you draft various contracts, provide legal consultations on the peculiarities of the interpretation and performance of the provisions of the contract.

Please take a look at the scientific article of Advocate dr. Oleg Drobitko: Legal nature of freight contracts.

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners have been providing legal services in the field of contract law to commercial clients and natural persons for a long time. We would like to note that a properly drafted contract, free of ambiguity and complying with the requirements of the imperative law is like a solid dam protecting you from future floods, therefore we would like to advice you to seek legal help of a competent attorney for drafting of the said contract or to at least consult on the provisions of the contract to be signed. This way you will be safe against future surprises and in turn will understand the true context of the obtained rights and obligations under the contract.

Even though a professionally drafted contract significantly lowers the possibility of future disputes between the parties, court cases arising from contractual relations are not uncommon, therefore our Law Firm is offering legal services for our clients in the present field of law as well. We could list countless examples where disputes arise from failures to perform or improper performance of the contractual obligations, so we can declare with great confidence that your situation is not a first or unique.

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & partners offers their clients the following legal services within the field of Contract Law:

• Legal consultations;
• Drafting of contracts of all types;
• Drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
• Representation of clients during the relations prior to the signing of the contract, harmonisation of contract provisions, settling of disputes arising from the performance of contractual obligations;
• Representation of parties (claimants/defendants/third parties) in courts of all instances.

The above list of services is not final.


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