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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

The majority of the client list of the Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners is comprised from representatives of legal entities within Lithuania and abroad. Our clients seek for legal help on various issues: on the type of legal entity they should be establishing, how to properly organise the operation of the legal entity and shareholder meetings, are the adopted decisions in compliance with the norms of the Corporate Law of RL, etc. Services offered at our Law Firm cover all of the areas regulated by the Corporate Law.

The life of legal persons is analogous to the life of married families: everything is perfect when harmony is present, future visions match and mutual understanding is reached. In the present case, the company is thriving. A completely different situation: life in conflict, disagreements on future prospects, life in present situation becomes unenviable. The same follows for conflicts between shareholders that are significantly dragging down the financial indicators of the company, as well as unbalancing the synchronous engine that moved the entire company forwards. In the above case, it is necessary to sit in front of the negotiating table and work out the differences in order to return everything to the beginning, to a time when the company was thriving. In the current situation an attorney with experience in Company Law is invaluable.


As well as in a life of a married couple, frequently emotions take over clear decisions and the disputes of the shareholders are brought to court. Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners has accumulated a respectable amount of experience in resolving shareholder disputes both by regulating conflicts in pre-litigation stage and representing their clients (legal persons, shareholders) in court proceedings:

• On the rulings/challenges towards the adopted decisions of the management bodies of the legal entity;
• On the investigation of the operation of the legal person;
• On the forced sale of shares.

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers their clients the following legal services within the field of Corporate Law:

• Legal consultations;
• Drafting and preparation of documents for the establishment of legal entity;
• Drafting and preparation of legal documents of various types;
• Drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
• Representation of legal and natural persons in court on disputes with third parties, government authorities;
• Representation of parties (claimants/ defendants/ third parties) in Courts of all instances of the Republic of Lithuania.

The above list of services is not final.


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