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Family Law

Family law

The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania proudly states: The family shall be the basis of society and the State. Family, motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood shall be under the protection and care of the State. Attorneys are one of the pillars of the legal system of Lithuania strongly aiding in the defence and fostering of the above values of the constitution.


Family law is a wide field covering: marriage/divorce, property rights, obligations of spouses, rights and obligations of parents and children, determination of the origin of the child, etc. Lacking of the knowledge of your rights and obligations, a person is usually in need of legal help. It should also be noted that disputes in the field of family law are quite common.


Following the accession of Lithuania to the European Union and the beginning of free movement of labour force, we are confronted with more and more disputes in the field of family law encompassing an international element. Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners have accumulated a high degree of experience in peaceful settling of arisen disputes/problems and representation of the parties of the dispute in court.

If you are already reading this text, we would strongly advise you to seek for an initial legal consultation of a competent attorney in order to comprehend the present situation and to receive a legal advice on your course of actions.

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers their clients the following legal services in the field of Family Law:

• Legal consultations;
• Drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
• Peaceful settlement of legal disputes in the field of family law;
• Representation of clients in courts of all instances on: determining/opposing paternity, alimony, divorce, etc.

The above list of services is not final.


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