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Civil Law

Civil Law

What does civil law mean to us? Civil Law is our "bread and butter" would be the answer of every team member at the Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners. Civil law regulates the majority of the areas of our lives: irrespective of the fact of where and when or how we would use our money, irrespective operations we would conduct, our monetary relations and non-monetary relations related to them would be governed by civil law. Due to this wide range of regulated relations by this independent branch of law, the majority of various issues and legal disputes in need of solution arise within field of civil law.

Team members of the Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners have provided and are providing legal services, as well as solving disputes within all of the fields regulated by the 6 books of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania:

Book I: General provisions (Disputes arising from transaction validity, application of a statute of limitations towards a claim, applicable rights, etc.);
Book II: Persons (Declaring judgement of a death of a person, disputes on forced sale of shares (interest, contributions), etc.; For more information see: Corporate Law);
Book III: Family Law (For more information see: Family Law);
Book IV: Material Law (On ownership rights of property, acquired statutes of limitations, servitudes, etc.);
Book V: Law of succession (For more information see: Law of succession);
Book VI: Law on obligations (various disputes arising from the performance of contracts, civil liability, etc.).

Team members at the Law Firm InRight are defending the rights of our clients every day: property rights, rights to manage, rental rights, etc. Legal disputes start from mere collection of debts and end in various disputes on civil liability (contractual or non-contractual), examining of contracts, etc. In case of a complicated case, often several team members are assigned to work on said case in order to find legal ways that would help us protect your rights and interests.

Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners offers their clients the following legal services within the field of Civil Law:

• Legal consultations;
• Drafting and preparation of various documents;
• Drafting and preparation of contracts (See also: Contract law);
• Drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
• Representation of persons in various relations with legal and natural persons;
• Representation of parties (claimants/defendants/third parties) in courts of all instances.

The above list of legal services is not final. For more information please see other fields of law in the section "Services".


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